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Our MOT garage has been in the industry for long enough to have seen all sorts of weird and not so wonderful ways that Headington motorists have failed MOT testing. But while there’s the odd horror story, it’s far more common for failed MOTs to be down to one of a handful of reasons. To help you avoid a failure on these easily avoidable grounds, here our team have jotted down a few of the most common ways in which drivers fail while you wait MOTs.


Common Reasons Headington Vehicles Fail MOTs


1. Lights – Over 18% of failed MOT testing can be put down to problems with lighting or signalling. It could be as simple an issue as a blown bulb or misaligned headlight, which can be easily identified by the vast majority of Headington motorists. Be sure to check your lights before bringing your vehicle into our MOT garage, simply swapping a bulb may be the difference between a pass and fail!


2. Tyres – Just under 8% of failed while you wait MOTs can be put down to problems with tyres. The most common would be having a below-legal minimum tread depth. All Headington customers should be aware that the lowest your tread depth can fall is 1.6mm. Anything under and you are violating the law, and need your tyres changed immediately. Most manufacturers recommend swapping out tyres a bit before this, however, as the higher the tread depth the less time it will take to stop in an emergency situation. In bad weather conditions, tread depth can be the difference between life and death! It’s also important to ensure your tyre pressure is correct, and there are no visible signs of damage.


3. Brakes – Around 10% of failed MOTs are due to brake problems. If you’ve been driving round the Headington area and noticed any strange noises, your vehicle pulling to one side or poor brake response then it’s worth heading to a garage to get the symptoms diagnosed. They could be a sign something is wrong which could lead to you failing while you wait MOTs in the future. Brake fluid should also be topped up, or at least at a reasonable level.


4. View of Road – You’d be surprised how many people around Headington pop into an MOT garage with broken windscreen wipers or a dashboard cluttered with toys and air fresheners. Some even have an excessive number of stickers on their windshield. They don’t necessarily think these have an impact on MOTs but one thing we are required by law to check is the driver’s view of the road. Around 6.6% of failures can be put down to a poor view. If it is heavily obstructed, then adjustments will have to be made. For example, stickers taken off, obstructions moved and wipers fixed.


5. Other Problems – Some other less common reasons why Headington motorists fail MOT testing include registration plate issues, for example an incorrect type face/spacing, or it being dirty. We recommend that before coming to our MOT garage, you take a brief look at the list of things we’ll be checking, featured on our Services page. It’s our job to ensure your vehicle is safe and road legal, but giving your car a once over to check for any glaring issues will save you time later, if you get them seen to now!


When the time for MOTs rolls round, choose our MOT garage near Headington for unbiased, competitively priced testing. Call us on 01865 714714.