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Fast, Fair & Thorough MOT Testing for Oxfordshire Motorists

Oxfordshire’s Cowley Road MOTs, based a short drive from Oxford and Headington, can provide while you wait MOTs or carry out the testing while you are at work or busy at home. The staff at our MOT garage are versatile, and try and fit MOT testing around you, to make it as painless and convenient as possible.


If your vehicle is over three years’ old, you will require annual MOT testing to ensure that it is roadworthy. Don’t worry about having to clear your schedule on the day your certificate runs out; you can book MOTs up to a month before your previous certification expires and keep the same renewal date you previously had. For example, book your test on February 21 and keep your March 21 renewal date.

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What’s Tested During MOTs?


There’s an extensive checklist of items that need to be checked during MOTs to ensure a vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive. Bring yours in to our MOT garage, located not far from Headington and Oxford in Cowley, Oxfordshire, and we’ll ensure that all of the following elements are in good shape:


• Seats & Seat Belts

• Warning Lamps & Switches

• View to Front, Wipers & Washers

• Brake Controls & Servo Operation

• Steering Wheel & Column

• Mirrors & Horn

• Registration Plates

• Lamps & Reflectors

• Wheels & Tyres

• Shock Absorbers


Motorists around Oxford, Headington and Oxfordshire needn’t worry that the Cowley Road MOTs team will overlook things like speed limiters and drive shafts, which aren’t necessarily ubiquitous automotive components, but important to check nonetheless.


What Happens if I Fail MOT Testing?


Failing MOTs isn’t the end of the world. While we are solely an MOT garage and don’t carry out repairs or maintenance work, we can talk you through exactly why you failed and recommend a course of action, to ensure you can pass MOT testing and be on the road legally ASAP.


The reason why we only provide advice and don’t do the work ourselves is because we want to maintain our impartiality. Some of the shadier garages around Cowley, Oxford, Headington and elsewhere in Oxfordshire have been known to “find” faults during while you wait MOTs, creating work for themselves and essentially extorting money from their customer. By solely offering MOTs, we don’t profit from any problems that might pop up. Many find this fair, honest and transparent approach to MOT testing refreshing!


Have a question for the Cowley Road MOTs team, or looking to book MOT testing in Oxfordshire? Call us today on 01865 714714.

• Mirrors, Wiper Blades/Fuel Tank Cap

• Doors, Boot & Bonnet

• Towbars

• Bodywork Condition

• Vehicle Structure

• Brakes, Exhaust & Fuel System

• Steering & Suspension Components

• Suspension & Shock Absorption

• Wheel Bearings

• General Vehicle Condition